Aroma, colour, rigor and flavour.


Cutting-edge magnets


Sorted by size

Optical discrimination

System control


Total commitment to quality and food safety. Our target is to serve full compliant products.

Safety goes first

Our quality-management system complies with the International Featured Standards (IFS) standards, which are considered international standards for food safety.

A microclimate

As a result of our experience, we have built a microclimate with the best conditions to preserve all saffron properties.

In detail

We have two well-equipped labs —physico-chemical and microbiological — where each saffron batch is strictly analysed before being used.

The best product

We only use raw material that meets all our quality requirements, which abide by ISO 3632 standard.

Zero surprises

We apply control and monitoring systems, both manual and automatic, in all production processes to ensure the safety and good condition of saffron.

Thorough analysis

We implement an HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system that meets the requirements established by European Union regulations in order to ensure the highest quality.

At the forefront

We’re constantly working on R&D programs for the elaboration, production and distribution of new products related to saffron and its properties.

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Saffron Packers S.L. “Nueva línea de envasado de azafrán molido y sistema de control de producción” - Nº expediente: RCI-040000-2018-412

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